“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” ― André Malraux

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I have the answers if only people would listen to me

You probably don’t have all the answers.

You probably don’t even understand the problem you’re trying to solve half as well as you think you do.

Whether these ‘answers’ be political/religious/ideological, they only seem “obvious” to you because of your life experience, education, friend groups, knowledge, and your level of intelligence. Human life is complicated, and society is even more complicated. …

Determine what category of writer you are, and which category you want to be in.

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Wherever you are in your writing career, self-reflection and the ability to change course is always a useful vehicle for improvement. I ran across some notes I’d written to myself a few years, lifted and repurposed from an ACT therapist’s manual about the different categorizations of therapists. The manual asked the reader to imagine that choosing which category they wanted to be in (Good, Very Good, or Excellent) was as easy as selecting items off a menu.

I used the same idea to create different categories of writers and to help me determine how I could get where I wanted…

If you’re talking about free will, you may be having the wrong conversation.

Human ego and drunk poets have ruined the powerful concept of soul and turned it into a flowery notion.

Your character (body-mind) can function on its own. Soul doesn’t do anything. It just witnesses what the character does. The character would go on as per its script even if your soul weren’t here to witness it.”
― Shunya

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I get bored when people talk about free will.

Arguing about the existence of free will seemed like a way to pass the time at dinner. …

“Fear is a phoenix. You can watch it burn a thousand times and still it will return.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Crooked Kingdom

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I am always afraid.

I’m a neurotic personality type prone to fits of 4 a.m. abyss-staring and terrified searches through WebMD because I think a random cough might mean that I have the Bubonic plague or tiny rats are breeding inside my ribcage.

As a child I was never taught how to properly manage my neuroticism and so it became crippling fear, social anxiety, and agoraphobia. But in my adult life I’ve learned ways to manage my neuroticism and stress, and recognize when it’s getting out of hand. …

The Internet has improved in many ways, but its also lost some of its magic.

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“Vaporwave really rekindled my love for music, to the point where I enjoy it as much as I did when I was a teenager. Before it, I spent a lot of 2013 listening to spacey drum & bass mixes while watching Hong Kong and Tokyo night driving videos on YouTube and drinking beer, just because the combination of it all created such a weird feeling I have never experienced before. Then I found vaporwave, and it was like it was already doing all that for me, without having to sync the music up to the videos or drink the alcohol.”

The future will probably be weirder than any fiction.

“The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” — William Gibson

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I just finished Cyberpunk 2077 about a week ago.

Despite all the controversies, Cyberpunk 2077 is a beautiful world. Even with clunky combat, a car that drove like a horse, missing RPG elements, and uneven storytelling it was still one of the best RPGs that had come out from a big developer in recent years. And it was the only game I’d ever played that sucked me in so thoroughly. Once I booted up the game it was…

The answer is more complex than “Love yourself.” But essentially, yes, love yourself.

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I used to think it was my destiny to be ugly.

Beauty wasn’t something that could be attained or aspired to. It was a gift from a mercurial god. Some girls were bestowed with the gift and others weren’t.

In 2nd grade I used to look at myself sideways in the bathroom mirror at school, pull my shirt up, and pinch the skin there. All of my schoolmates looked like demi-gods compared to what I saw in the mirror. I was convinced I was fat. I told my mom I didn’t want to wear dresses anymore. I started wearing ill-fitting…

Your brand can destroy your creative process if you’re not careful.

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It’s easy these days to build an Internet empire made out of sand. A beautiful palace that houses a howling void of nothing.

Algorithms on social media websites are built to reward engagement and to keep people on the site for as long as possible. A quick scroll through Instagram’s most popular feed shows mostly hot girls, food, and cute animals. Quick dopamine release buttons. …

These ideas about happiness changed my life for the better.

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other — not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.” — Nelson Mandela

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I once paid $500 for tickets to go to a show and listen to Jordan Peterson pace around on stage and tell me that happiness was unattainable.

He wrote something similar for his Guardian interview:

“It’s all very well to think the meaning of life is happiness, but what happens when you’re unhappy…

The truth of existence inside The Sims sandbox.

“Also, after people play these Sim games, it tends to change their perception of the world around them, so they see their city, house or family in a slightly different way after playing.” — Will Wright, Creator of The Sims

“It is good,” he thought “to taste for yourself everything you need to know. That worldly pleasures and wealth are not good things, I learned even as a child. I knew it for a long time, but only now have I experienced it. And now I know it, I know it not…

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I write about writing, existential horrors, love, and what it means to be human. teachrobotslove.com/newsletter

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